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How to join Team Pwnage


If you are reading this you are more than likely interested in joining our community. This post is a quick reference of how to join and what is required to join our gaming community.

Full disclosure to
streamers looking to join... We are a Gaming Community first and foremost. We support our members that stream and have a stream team in place but we are NOT a stream team only community. That being said let's move on to how to join Team Pwnage and some things we expect from our members.


1. Applicants must be free of any other team for at least 30 days before applying. We do not welcome team hoppers.

2. Team Pwnage members are not allowed to be on more than one team, this includes other stream teams. We ask for 100% loyalty to our community. Only exceptions are charity stream teams which must be cleared by the CEO.

3. All applicants are required to have non-private social media profiles to allow us to review up to 1 year of social media engagement.

4. All TPwn members are required to have [TPwn] in front of their name on Twitter and "Member of @TeamPwnage" or "Proud member of @TeamPwnage" in their Twitter bio. Certain exceptions may apply but must be approved by our CEO.

5.  In order to be apart of our stream team you will be required to stream on our team channel and participate in charity events along with other rules that apply. Please ask your interviewer for more details.

6. All Team Pwnage members are subject to activity checks. We want active and engaging members in our community.

There are more to our requirements, these are some of the quick basics to be aware of before applying. During your interview you will be filled in on more specifics to joining our community. Best of luck and we hope to see you #BleedOrange soon!