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Hello My Name Is Timika Jones But You Can Call Me Ms. Jones. I Have Been Streaming For 3 Year's Under The Name (Diva Something IDR) Then I Made A New Name TYJones87 Then When Twitch Let Us Change Are Name I Picked MsTJones87. I Started Streaming After I Just Became Cancer Free I Been Cancer Free For 5 Year's Now I Have Had Couple Scare's Here And There And I Get Sick Very Easy Sometime's But I Don't Let That Stop Me From What I Love To Do. I Started Streaming Cause One I Love Gaming And Also I Wanted To Try To Raise Money Some How Do Thing's Like Charity Stream's I Have Done St Jude Play Live 3 Year's Now And Extra Life 3 Year's As Well. Can't Wait To Do A Lot More With The Family Here. I Am Honor To Be A Part Of TPwn And Be A Co Stream Team Leader I Am Glad I Sent A DM On How To Join The Old Stream Team USyn But To Become A Family With TPwn Was Easy For Me Cause In My Eye's You All Was Sister's And Brother's Already To Me I Can't Wait To See Where We All Get To And This Team Which Been Around For 7 Year's Now Can't Wait To See What The New Year 2018 Bring's For Us Can't Wait To Do 7 Chairty Stream's This Year Well For Me It Will Be 9 Chairty Stream's For 2018 This Make's Me Happy In So Many Way's To Be Able To Give Back... #Gameon #TPwn #BleedOrange #TPwnFam #TPwnHype #TPwnPride


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