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Team Pwnage 2019

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Hello Team Pwnage members and welcome to what we feel will be our best and most productive year yet. Thank you to all our members for 2018 as me move into our 8th year as a gaming community. With our newly appointed COO @wickedrage at the helm, she has really spread her wings for 2019. Together we are looking to truly represent what matters most in Team Pwnage which is "Community First". To ensure our goal of Community First we have a few adjustments going into effect in 2019. Things like surveys, new interview questions, stats tracking for better match making and procedures will be put into place. We will also be introducing something new called 'TPwn Elites ' that we are excited to talk about coming later this month. Stay tuned for that announcement via our YouTube channel! As you can see our dedication to constantly improve our community is very important to us. We will continue to provide Team Pwnage with the best environment in any gaming community to date. We do this by carefully surrounding ourselves with like-minded gamers. 2019 will be an opportunity for current and new members to display true team spirit. Let's focus on the Team aspect of this community by Bleeding Orange. If you are new here in Team Pwnage or you are here reading this because you are interested in becoming a recruit I'd like to welcome you. Unlike what some of you may be used to we are much more then a "Stream Team". We are a gaming community first and foremost. We are here to provide a safe, non-judgmental, supportive and professional community. Being supportive in this community is more then retweets and providing bits for streams. Some of our members know what are day jobs are, we know our kids names, we know our daily struggles and goals. Your main reason to be here should simply be you are looking for a community of gamers to network with and to make friends in and out of game. That all being said and like I mentioned earlier we are looking to make this the best and most productive year yet. We have the tools and some of the best community members around to make it happen. Remember to be on the look out for a special video announcement in the coming weeks for information on 'TPwn Elites'! I encourage you all to have a fantastic New Year in 2019, may our goals be yours and yours be ours. Together as a team our slogan will always be "We Are One, We are United, We are Team Pwnage!" CEO of Team Pwnage


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