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Thank you from the CEO

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Hello Team Pwnage members, this year I'm more excited to see what will become of Team Pwnage in our 8th year (2019)! Some of our goals for 2018 were met and others were not. Growth in the community in all forms is our goal but when you are playing long term you have time to make up for it. Team Pwnage is going strong and is larger than ever before, with our method of membership selection, we pride ourselves in keeping TPwn at its core. The core of our community is that very word COMMUNITY! We are welcomed with numerous messages and daily applications of gamers looking to join for our "Family feel" community. The transparency we put out into the gaming community is very noticeable to those watching. The commitment of our members to represent Team Pwnage is an extention of yourself everyday. I take great pride in seeing our community grow and being represented by awesome gamers such as yourself. All your work is noticed and appreciated, we are at a good place with our members doing and participating more than ever before! Our New COO @wickedrage is doing an amazing job along with our leaders. With the gaming season upon is there will be many video games releasing. Our leaders will be hard at work bringing the community together in collaborating game nights and making sure members are gaming together. There are some fun gaming times ahead of us, let's get together and make some good memories! #TPwn #BleedOrange CEO of Team Pwnage Jeff Hattz aka @Pr0jecT_HaTTa

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