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Team Pwnage 2018

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Team Pwnage Members,

Welcome to Team Pwnage in 2018. This year will mark 7 years for our team serving the gaming community. Being established for so long is no easy feat especially with how often things change. We thank all our members for a wonderful past year and we are even more excited for 2018. We want to continue all the things that worked and improve on things that did not for 2018. As always Team Pwnage continues to thrive through the work of our members and the support you give each other. Even though many of us have individual goals it is you that decided to join a community. With joining a community comes a level of responsibility to be involved in community events, activities and being supportive.

What will 2018 bring? 2018 will bring a increase of charity events, community nights in the form of “TPwn Mixers” and the return of our TPwn Live podcast. Members are expected to participate in these events from time to time. Members are also expected to maintain a level of activity within our community, being active is the only way to fully benefit from the community you decided to join. As always our leaders will keep track of our active and non-active members, if we see a drop in activity our leaders will reach out to you. Failure to participate in events or maintain an active membership will result in a warning of activity. If a member is inactive without reason they may be subject to removal of our community. We are only as strong as our weakest link. We must maintain #TPwnStrong!!!

In order to maintain a strong presence in the gaming community we must have a sense of #TPwnPride. The hashtag #BleedOrange must hold more true this year more than ever before! The best way to remain consistent with this is for ALL our members to Rep Team Pwnage the same way. As we started in 2017, it is MANDATORY for our members to have [TPwn] in front of their names on Twitter and “Member of @TeamPwnage” or “Streamer of @TeamPwnage” in their bio. For some members that have their own individual sponsorships or other information in their bio and can’t fit that, we can put that into consideration. Please contact Pr0jecT HaTTa regarding your bio space, but [TPwn] in your name is not negotiable. Once you are a member of Team Pwnage you are entitled to a free personalized TPwn twitter header. This header will have your name and picture only which will be added to our existing header. Please follow and contact our sponsor / member @Soardogg for your free header.

Streaming has become a huge part of gaming and the gaming industry as a whole. With more than half of our members streaming either casually or full time its part of our day to day. All our members are expected and now MANDATORY to follow all our members Twitch channels. All TPwn members are entitled to join our stream team page on Twitch located here: ( ) This will also be a good place to find all your fellow members to drop them a follow. Part of individual growth requires followers so follows on Twitch and Twitter are a big help to many. Please make sure to sign up to our website which is also a requirement here: ( ) where you can find all our members Twitter and Twitch accounts.

We have members that work hard to put Team Pwnage name out in the community. Best way to reward this is to have all our members work and represent this community the same way. We are in a community so lets do community things all while being proud to represent and being active. It’s time to #BleedOrange, we can all do this in different ways. Some more then others but we MUST make our presence known in order to stay part of Team Pwnage. If there are things going on in your personal life such as: school, family issues, health, change in work schedule etc we need to know right away and we can discuss that going forward. Let’s make 2018 great and paint the gaming community ORANGE!!!

CEO of Team Pwnage,

Jeff Hattz aka @Pr0ject_Hatta

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