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TPWN Ladies










The fact that it's more than just gaming, it's about a good group of people coming together. Because of the strong community, I don't think there could be a better community to be a part of. The family element is what's important.



The support I have received is unbelievable. I'm glad to be a part of TPwn. I may be at a rough point in life but it's a lot easier knowing people are here to support each other, can relate to each other, and have a good understanding of each other. TPwn is like a second family in my eyes.



The fact that we are all family, we support each other in ways I don't see other people doing, let alone in a gaming community. I love that we have each other's backs no matter what. The fact that we feel comfortable enough to come to one another to vent or whatever the case may be, we are here for each other. I love the strong support for each other and for others outside of our community. I love the friendships I've made as well. Through thick and thin, we have each other's backs and I love it.



TPwn is not cookie cutter. Each of us is a unique piece of the puzzle that makes up this community/family. We all bring different things to the table whether we are streamers, supporters, leaders, or just gamers. Great hopes for the future shaping of this puzzle that is made up of all of us. May all our futures be so bright that we have to wear shades.



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From the last 6 1/2 years that i have been a part of this community i can truly see that we have become the true embodiment of a "family". We may agree, as well as disagree, fight amongst ourselves, but in the end we all come together to enhance each others lives. As we slowly grow our family, I can say that through the coming years, we can only continue to become more and more like a true family.



To me it's a family. Not only do we game together we share our experiences and our stresses. Our real family is also considered TPwn family. I am glad that if I am having a hard time with something there is always someone I can come to even if it's just to vent.



I was on the brink of giving up gaming because it was becoming stale and i thought looking for a community was my last option. Luckily i was told about TPwn and asked to join then accepted. So far this has been the best choice for me to love gaming again. TPwn has become family to me and I'm so happy to be apart of it with all of the amazing people in my new family.



Team Pwnage, isn't a team.. its a family. Ever since day one I've not felt anyone be any different than a family member. Everyone looks out for each other and we are all here to help each other. Everyone here is amazing and extremely welcoming. This team has become my family and its an honor to even be here. Not a single day goes by that i would wish to be in a different place. I love TPwn and the family.



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